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She is just the cutest little thing, but she really needs a haircut. Hippie chick.

Mountain Mama

She is a beautiful child. Happy birthday, little one!!


Congratulations on both counts!

I think your good health owes to the loving gaze from the print of Mary.


Heart attack, Guillain-Barre Disease, long history of Dorcus Mallorcus Syndrome - it's a miracle you ever managed to create this beautiful child!! :)

And to Julie - Happy Giving Birth Day! I hope Bob sent you flowers.


What an absolute cutie!
Sometimes I wish they could stay 2yrs old forever. Then I realize that no one could survive that.
Viva la cute!


Happy Birthday Kate!


adorable! makes me want one of my own :)

i'll be in touch this week.


That is one cute kid. I think she is trying out the record cabinet for size as a toy chest.

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